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Railroad Supplies for Sale in San Antonio, TX

A full service team
At Calhoun & Company in Wimberley, TX, we pride ourselves on our extensive inventory of used railroad equipment.

If you need just the right look for your project, contact us first!

We serve anyone from large companies to landscaping companies to homeowners and private individuals.

Be creative with your next project! Think about how you can incorporate recovered railroad materials in to your design or theme.
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If you're a design architect, landscaper or a homeowner working on your personal garden, site construction, exterior design or remodeling project, our sales team will work with you to ensure you get whatever you need when you need it.

You'll be amazed by our prices.

Contact us in Wimberley right now for more information.


Unlike many suppliers of railroad products and equipment, at Calhoun & Company, we know our stuff.

We will be happy to provide advice and help you plan your project with recovered, treated, and recycled railroad ties and accessories.

Once you're purchased our products, if you have any follow up questions, get in touch. We'll be happy to help answer them!


Sometimes you have all the ideas and plans in mind, but just need a comfortable team to partner with you to make those dreams a reality. That is where we come in!

Whether you need help with a remodeling project or new construction, turning to railroad supplies is an economical, unique and beautiful choice. Choosing Calhoun & Company is the right choice.

Contact us in Wimberley for more details about our consultancy services!
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