Railroad Supplies for Sale

Railroad Supplies for Sale in San Antonio, TX

A full service team
At Calhoun & Company in Wimberley, TX, we pride ourselves on our extensive inventory of used railroad ties.
If you need just the right look for your project, contact us first!
We serve anyone from large companies to landscaping companies.Be creative with your next project! Think about how you can incorporate recovered railroad materials in your design or theme.


Unlike many suppliers of railroad products and equipment, at Calhoun & Company, we know our stuff.
We will be happy to provide advice and help you plan your project with recovered, treated, and recycled railroad ties. 
If you have any follow up questions, get in touch. We'll be happy to help answer them!

Our Team

At Calhoun & Company, we've built a staff with extensive knowledge of not only of the recovery of railroad equipment and supplies, but also sales for re-repurposing in creative ways. It's our goal to not just sell our customers the products they need, but to offer advice from the most experienced and reliable team in the Central Texas area. Call us at our Wimberley headquarters today! Our team is standing by to help you with whatever you're looking for.


Creative ways to use railroad ties
Railroad materials are built to last and using recycled railroad ties in your landscaping or construction projects is a smart alternative to purchasing new materials. Custom refurbished railroad ties have proven durability.

Plus, they look great! High quality hardwood and softwood mix railroad ties have a warm, nostalgic feel to them and will add a nice touch to your garden, home, or larger scale custom construction.

Fully Customizable

We offer a variety of sizes in railroad ties. Simply specify the demands of your project and we’ll deliver. Our recovered railroad ties can be custom cut and retreated according to your needs. Contact us in Wimberley today for more information!

Retaining Walls and Gardens

When you’re looking for sturdy landscaping solutions, railroad ties are a great material to work with. One smart application is using them to make elegant, durable retaining walls to secure sloping landscapes. We can provide railroad ties in the size and treatment you need.

You can also use them this way to create boundaries for your flower or vegetable gardens, keeping richer soil contained and discouraging invasion from local fauna.

Shoring and Dunnage

Railroad materials are also great for providing extra foundational support for a variety of structures such as bridges, sheds, barns, and more. Whether you’re starting a new construction from the ground up or making improvements on an existing structure, you can count on the reliable support these hardy railroad ties provide. 
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